Hey, Brooklyn Heights — meet your cop of the year

Hey, Brooklyn Heights — meet your cop of the year
Photo by Tom Callan

Call him Book ’em Bosch!

Officer Lawrence Bosch was named Cop of the Year in the 84th Precinct last week, an accolade he won by making a whopping 54 arrests in 2010.

Bosch, 29, works in the precinct’s elite Downtown Squad, which patrols commercial hotspots such as the Fulton Mall, where a spate of robberies last year had residents, shoppers and merchants on edge.

Bosch, a Carroll Gardens resident and seven-year police veteran, helped squelch the pattern.

“He shows what an officer with energy and zest can do,” his commanding officer, Capt. Mark DiPaolo, told the 84th Precinct Community Council, a civic group, at its meeting last Tuesday.

Bosch took the praise — and the wooden plaque bearing his name — in stride.

“I just do my work and try to move on to bigger and better things,” he said.

Watch out, captain!