Hey, Fort Greene iPhone owners — prepare to be mugged

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Ugly robbery

Two jerks stole a woman’s iPhone on Oct. 7 on Gates Avenue.

The victim left the Clinton-Washington train station at 9:55 pm when two muggers approached, and one snatched the phone from her hand, scratching her face in the process.

The other thief fiercely warned, “Do not look at me!” as they fled off.

Another iPhone

A mugger stole another iPhone and more on Oct. 8 on Gates Avenue.

The victim was near Washington Avenue at 7:20 pm when the thug walked towards the victim, punching him in the face and demanding, “Give me what you got! Don’t look at me!”

The victim handed over his iPhone and $110.

Mean muggings

A thief stole a woman’s iPhone on Oct. 7 on Flatbush Avenue.

The victim was talking on her device near Willoughby Street at 5:35 pm when the thug grabbed her from behind and threw her to the ground. The thief threatened, “B—h, if you try anything, I’ll punch you in the face!” He then snatched her iPhone and dashed off.

Grab bag

A thief sneaked off with a woman’s purse on Sept. 24 on Atlantic Avenue.

The victim was shopping in the Atlantic Terminal Mall at 4 pm when she put her bag down to try on a jacket. The second she turned back around, the thief, and her bag were gone. Later, the victim discovered that unauthorized charges were made to her debit card.

Bus creep

A pickpocket got away with a woman’s wallet on a Fulton street bus on Oct. 3.

The victim was on the B25 near DeKalb and Flatbush avenues at 11:30 am when the sneak craftily bumped into the victim on the bus. The bump distracted the victim long enough for the thief to take her wallet.

Marshalls madness

A thief stole a purse in the Atlantic Avenue Marshalls on Oct. 4.

The woman was shopping inside the cut-rate clothing store inside the crime-riddled Atlantic Center Mall at 3:30 pm with her purse in the shopping cart. Surveillance footage showed the crook approaching the shopping cart and snatching the purse. Further video footage showed the thief charging the credit card without permission.

Show gun

A robber stuck a woman on S. Portland Avenue on Oct. 5.

The victim was near S. Elliott Place at 8:58 pm when the thief approached her, displayed a handgun, and warned, “This is not a joke. Give me all your money.”

The victim complied, and handed him $165.

Lose change

A crook stole money from a Myrtle Avenue diner on Oct. 5.

The crook went into the eatery between Steuben Street and Emerson Place at 5:40 pm, ordered an $11 meal and paid the cashier with a $100 bill.

The cashier prepared to give him $89 in change, but the thief said, “You gave me the wrong change.” In the cashier’s confusion, the thief grabbed the change and the original $100 and ran off.

Cinderella thief

Two thieves took a man’s iPhone on Fulton Street on Oct. 6.

The victim was waiting for a G train in the station at Lafayette Avenue at 1:02 pm when two thieves approached, and one said, “Grab it!”

The accomplice then snatched the iPhone and they bolted out of the station. But one thief lost his sneaker as he ran away, a bit of rubber that is now a major piece of evidence.


A pair of pilferers robbed a man on Monument Walk on Oct. 6.

The victim was between Tillary Street and Myrtle Avenue at 10 pm when two thieves ambushed him from behind, putting him in a chokehold and taking $300 from his wallet.

— Alfred Ng