Hey, the bat boy is a dog!

Hey, the bat boy is a dog!
Photo by Tom Callan

Yeah, but can he hit?

The official “spokesdog” for the Canines for Veterans played fetch with the Cyclones at last Wednesday’s game against the Jamestown Jammers, retrieving bats for two players and giving Brooklyn bat boys Mark Ross and Jordan Torres a run for their money.

“It was crazy. I thought he was going to go out and bite the shortstop,” said second baseman Carlos Leyva. “It was fun to watch.”

Titus, a Labrador mix, who is about 4, probably has as good a chance of hitting a pitch as the Clones do right now, but his training has given him plenty of other skills, his owner said.

“They can pick up things as small as the backs of earrings; they can pull wheelchairs, turn on and off lights using single words commands,” said Rick Hairston, the president of Carolina Canines for Service, a group that saves dogs from shelters and trains them to be service dogs for veterans. “They can load a washing machine and unload the dryer.”

Titus is also a bat dog for the Charleston River Dogs and made an appearance at MCU Park on a night that honored local veteran Leslie Smith before the 5-2 Cyclones win.

Titus retrieved bats for center-fielder Chase Greene and shortstop Danny Muno.