Hikind, Greenfield were making no Census at photo-op!

How easy is it to fill out your Census form? Just ask two Brooklyn lawmakers who got together last week for a Census “photo op” — and couldn’t even be bothered to finish the damn form!

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D–Boro Park) and then-Councilman-elect David Greenfield (D–Boro Park) met on April 7 at the Boro Park Y on 14th Avenue near 49th Street to fill out forms and encourage residents in their oft-undercounted neighborhood to do the same.

The two issued the usual proclamations about how the Census is non-evasive and only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Then the two lawmakers — bitter rivals in a recent special election — even joked about a contest to see which one could fill out the form first.

Soon, though, Hikind began scratching his beard and Greenfield his head. Such thought-provoking questions as the number of people — and the race of those people — in their households took their toll.

Finally, Hikind threw up his hands and announced he had pressing business in Albany. Likewise, Greenfield declared “No mas” because he had work on his transition team.

Then the two lawmakers folded and pocketed the document, and reminded those gathered as to the importance of filling out their Census forms.

Photo-op over.

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