Hitting the ‘Streets’

Is this another example of high-lo cuisine smashing into itself? Of, course. The name of the restaurant is called “Streets” and we happened to obtain a preliminary menu:

Octopus Ceviche: citrus, pepper, cumin.

Scallops a la Plancha: Serrano ham, saffron.

Cured Baby Coho Salmon Waffle: caviar, lemon, crème fraiche.

Banh Bao: steamed dumpling filled with ground pork, Chinese sausage and quail.

Feijoada: black beans, smoked sausage, pig’s feet, kale.

Tripe Satay: chili vinegar, rice cakes.

Cockle Laksa: rice noodles coconut, tofu.

Pablo Escobar Pork: coca cola glazed tenderloin, dragonfruit-guarana salsa.

Mushi-Buro: grill-it-yourself beef tenderloin served Yak-ishi style with a super hot Japanese river stone and sweet sesame chili sauce.

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