Hoier’s new band, Boom Chick, breaks out

Boom Chick bring the Delta blues to Trash Bar on Nov. 21, with Frank Hoier on slide guitar and Moselle Spiller on drums. Yes, we know, they look kind of like the White Stripes.

When Frank Hoier and Moselle Spiller first formed their two-piece band, they literally played any gig they could get.

“That was one of our strategies, just for practice sake,” said drummer Spiller, who reckons they played over 100 shows since forming last year. That included a lot of Bushwick loft parties.

“That’s our favorite type of show for sure,” said Spiller. “People feel comfortable to dance, and give you energy. There’s not that people-standing-around-with-their-arms-crossed-staring type of vibe.”

The duo briefly went by the name Frank and Mo, but soon settled on Boom Chick (“I don’t like being called Mo,” said Spiller). Boom Chick works better for the Delta blues garage rock duo, any way. Spiller, a graphic designer, had no music experience whatsoever until her boyfriend, Hoier, invited her to sit at a drum kit about two years ago. She took to it like a pro — for the most part.

“I’m really bad with counting, but if Frank says something with sounds, like boom chicka chicka, I can do it,” said Spiller. “That is how we communicate, with sounds.”

Hoier is hardly a novice himself. We christened the guitarist the “new Dylan” two years ago, thanks to his fantastic folk album, “Lovers & Dollars,” which had the whimsy of the early Dylan and dashes of Delta blues. Since then, he’s been gigging pretty much everywhere in the borough, even anchoring Jalopy’s “Roots and Ruckus” show.

Boom Chick finds Hoier rocking out a bit more on his slide guitar, as evidenced by the band’s loud, raring debut, the aptly named “Show Pony,” a nod to the two’s gig enthusiasm, out on Nov. 30.

Long known as the bard of Bushwick, Hoier currently calls Red Hook home, where he lives with Spiller and their turtle, Oko (John — well, they think it was John, at least — didn’t make it).

You can find Hoier and Spiller a Jalopy a couple times a month, but, if you’re not much of a gambler, they’ll be playing on Nov. 21 at Trash Bar in Williamsburg. It’s no loft party, but it’s sure to get you moving.

Boom Chick play Trash Bar [256 Grand St. near Roebling Street in Williamsburg, (718) 599-1000], Nov. 21 at 10 pm. Free. For info, visit www.boomchickboomchick.com.

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