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Horrifying attack on Bklyn Bridge bicyclist

A bicyclist was robbed and pummeled by a gang of teenagers on the Brooklyn Bridge footpath on at 11:45 pm on Jan. 16.

The 32-year-old man was on his bike approaching the Brooklyn stairwell at Washington Street when 20 teens blocked his way.

He politely said, “Excuse me,” but then the pack sprang on him with punches and kicks.

They beat the man unconscious. After pounding him to the ground, they stole his iPod and Banshee bicycle.

The victim was taken to Long Island College Hospital for head trauma and multiple contusions.

Hit and rob

Two thugs hopped out of a parked SUV on the corner of Columbia Heights and Orange Street and violently robbed a pedestrian at 11:45 pm on Jan. 18.

The 33-year-old man passed the black SUV at just after midnight when two men jumped out. One of the hoods whipped out a firearm and threatened to “ruin your s—t” if the victim didn’t hand over his money.

At first, the man didn’t give up his cash, so the aggressors threw him to the ground and took $60 themselves.

Flush with cash, the robbers sped off in their getaway car.

Bag stuffers

Three men took $5,400 in merchandise from a Montague Street clothing shop on Jan. 17.

Employees saw three men stuffing bags with dozens of pairs of sweaters, pants and shirts at 7:30 pm in the store, which is near Henry Street.

Hot wheels

Here’s a roundup of reported car thefts and break-ins last week:

• A Toyota Highlander that had been parked on Wyckoff Street on Jan 18 was busted into. The thief stole parts of the car itself.

• A woman who had parked on Jan. 18 at 5:30 pm between Hoyt and Bond streets, and when she returned at 1 pm the next day, saw the window was broken and the radio, airbags, backdoor panels, antenna and even the back-wiper had been taken.

Triple teamed

A man and two women jumped a woman on Atlantic Avenue on Jan. 15.

The man grabbed the victim from behind, covered her mouth and said, “Give her your stuff.”

He also threatened her, “If you tell the cops, I’m gonna slice you.”

To avoid any trouble, the woman surrendered her cellphone and iPod in the 5 pm attack, which took place between Smith Street and Boerum Place.

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