Horrifying home invasion on Frost Street

94th Precinct


Home invasion

Two robbers posing as construction workers tied up a 73-year old woman inside her Frost Street home on June 17 and stole her cash.

The perps knocked on the door of the senior’s home near Morgan Avenue at 10:50 am, and the victim let them inside.

That’s when one perp led her into her bedroom and tied her wrists together, telling her, “Don’t worry nothing is going to happen.”

The perps grabbed $2,000 and ran away.

Subway punch

A perp punched a man on June 13 as he was about to get into the L train near N. Seventh Street and stole his cash.

The victim told police that he was near Bedford Avenue at 1:05 am when the perp asked, “What time is it?”

Then he struck the man in his face and stole his wallet.

Cig rob

Two perps beat up a man and tried to steal his laptop on Eckford Street on June 13.

The victim told police that he was near Calyer Street at 1:14 am when one perp approached him and said, “Can I have a cigarette?”

The victim said no, but another perp hit him in the head and his accomplice joined him, shouting, “Give me your bag!” before they both ran away.

Farmer’s theft

A thief stole a wallet while its owner was shopping at the McCarren Park farmers market on June 18.

The victim was picking out vegetables at the corner of Driggs and Union Avenues at 1 pm when she felt someone jostle her purse. When she looked into her bag, she saw her wallet was missing.

Boxed in

A drunk thief broke into a Box Street apartment on June 4, and stole a laptop, skateboard, and a camera.

The building’s landlord saw the perp break into the apartment at 9 pm and settle onto the fire escape for a swig of tequila before he bolted down Manhattan Avenue.

Hi-tech crime

A thief stole a TV, computer and DVD player from a Roebling Street apartment between June 7 and June 8.

The tenant left his home near N. 19th Street at 8:30 am, but when he returned 27 hours later, he found his door was open and his stuff was missing.

Road rage

At least seven cars were swiped or broken into last week:

• A thief stole a cellphone and bag from a car on Berry Street near N. Fourth Street overnight on June 13.

• A thief stole an iPod and computer hard drive from a car on N. 11th Street on June 13 at around 6:30. The driver had parked near Berry Street.

• A thief stole a guitar, iPod, and laptop from a car on N. Sixth Street near Berry Street overnight on June 16.

• A thief stole $16,900 worth of music equipment from a car on Roebling Street near N. Fourth Street overnight on June 18.

• A thief stole a Ford Mustang from Kent Street near Manhattan Avenue on June 13. The driver had parked his sweet ride at 12:30 am, but it was gone eight hours later.

• A thief stole an Acura from Newel Street near Calyer Street on June 14. The driver had parked it at 4 pm, but it was gone in 60 minutes.

• A thief stole a Toyota on Jackson Street near Graham Avenue on June 14. The crime occurred between 3:30 and 5:30 pm.

Bike missing

A thief stole a bike parked in the rear yard of a N. 11th Street building on June 19.

The victim told police that he dropped his bike off at 2 am, but did not lock it. When he returned to Berry Street the next day around noon, it was not there.

— Aaron Short