Horrifying home invasion — with curses, too!

House robbery
Two perps forced their way into a man’s Leonard Street house on Nov. 30 and robbed him blind.

The perps knocked on the apartment door at 7:30 pm, when one stated, “Back up and get on your knees,” while pointing a firearm at him.

The perps then tamped the victim’s hand behind his back with gray tape and put a red bag on his head, warning him, “Don’t move for five minutes,” as they took his cash, cellphone and keys.

Driggs iPhone

Three perps took a man’s iPhone on Driggs Avenue on Dec. 2.

The perps surrounded their victim at 6:50 pm near N. Fifth Street, and one told him to “Back the f—k up!”

A struggle ensued and one perp struck his victim on the left side of his head, causing it to swell.

Mikey’s hooked up

A thief stole all the Apple computer products they could carry from Mikey’s Hookup on N. Sixth Street on Dec. 1.

The perps broke the glass front door of the computer store and rolled down the metal gate at 4:10 am. They then grabbed several laptops, iPads, and iPods before fleeing towards Wythe Avenue in a red minivan.


A thief broke into a Leonard Street apartment on Nov. 30 and stole computers and other gadgets.

The tenant told cops that she left her apartment at 3 pm and returned to the unit near Meserole Avenue two hours later to find that her laptop, camera, TV and iPod were missing.

645 Leonard St.

Metro laptops

A thief stole a laptop, iPod and TV from a Metropolitan Avenue apartment on Dec. 1.

The tenant told cops that he left the apartment near Manhattan Avenue at 7 pm, but when he returned at 10:15 pm, his stuff was missing.

Humboldt bummer

A thief stole a laptop from a Humboldt Street apartment on Dec. 2.

A witness told cops that she saw the man running down the building’s fire escape at around 9 pm with the computer and flee on Withers Street.

Manhattan double

A thief stole a laptop and camera from two Manhattan Avenue apartments on Dec. 3. Here are the details:

• In the first incident, the tenants told cops that they left the home near Withers Street at 9:20 am, returning at 10 pm to find that their rear window was open and their stuff was missing.

381 Manhattan Ave.

• In the second case, a tenant left his apartment near Frost Street at 8:45 am, but when he returned at 3:30 am the next day, he discovered that the front window of his room was open and his computer was missing.

Pitchfork bike

A bicycle and video camera belonging to Pitchfork.com were gershed on 9:58 pm on Dec. 1, when its owner parked it outside a coffee shop at Nassau Avenue and Humboldt Street to get a cup of coffee.

iPhone Roebling

A perp riding on a BMX bike snatched an iPhone right out of the victim’s hand at 2 am on Dec. 3 as he was skateboarding on the corner of Roebling Street and N. Seventh Street.

Car talk

There were at least four crimes involving vehicles. Here’s a roundup:

• A thief stole a laptop, books and clothing from a car on N. Sixth Street on Nov. 30.

The driver told cops that he parked near Berry Street at 6:50 pm and returned half an hour later to find his rear window broken and his property removed.

• A perp broke into a car on Wythe Avenue near N. 12th Street at 11 pm on Dec. 4 and stole a rug, television, and X-box video game player.

• A perp broke into a car on Kent Avenue near N. 12th Street at midnight on Dec. 5 and stole a backpack, a laptop and some clothing.

• A thief stole a truck off Monitor Street near Greenpoint Avenue on Nov. 27. The driver parked his car at 2 pm, but when he returned at 1 pm the next day, he found his vehicle was stolen.