House breaker loots cash

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Cleaned house 

A freebooting house breaker stole over $4,000 cash from a Ocean Parkway home they were cleaning on Oct. 28.

The victim told police she heard her dog barking and when she went to the front door of her home between Neptune and W. Brighton avenues around 10 am she saw her house cleaner running away down the hallway. 

Pill pincher

A fiendin’ crook stole almost $4,000 worth of prescription pills from a pharmacy’s delivery vehicle parked on Brighton 5th Street on Oct. 23. 

The lout broke into the locked vehicle parked between Neptune and Ocean View avenues around 11 pm in a way unknown to the victim. 


A bandit stole an exhaust system from a vehicle parked on West Avenue on Oct. 26. 

Police said the theft from the vehicle parked at the intersection of Ocean Avenue around 8 am is one of a pattern occurring in the area.