House ransacked!

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights

Unit ransacked

A woman returned to her 79th Street home from a month-long holiday on June 1 to find that it had been completely ransacked — and lots of fancy electronics were taken.

She told police that she returned to the house, which is between Third and Fourth avenues, and found her front door open and her dresser drawers rifled.

Two laptop computers and a camera were missing, she said.

Quick turnover

A thief swiped a debit card from a car on May 30, which he quickly used to fuel up on coffee and groceries.

The 52-year-old victim told police that he parked his 2006 Honda Odyssey near the corner of Third and Ovington avenues at 4 am on May 30, not realizing that he had left one of his windows open.

He went back to his car later that afternoon, but it was already too late — someone entered his vehicle, took his card and used it to go on a shopping spree at a Key Food on Third Avenue and a coffee shop on Bay Ridge Avenue.

Wallet woes

Sticky-fingered thieves nabbed wallets last week. Here’s a sample:

• An 18-year-old exited an N train at the Fort Hamilton Parkway station on June 2 only to learn that someone had lifted his wallet out of his backpack. The victim said that he exited the station near 62nd Street at 6:40 pm when he noticed that someone had unzipped his backpack. One of his credit cards was later used to purchase cellphones at two locations.

• A thief snaked his hand into a woman’s handbag as she walked past the corner of Fifth Avenue and 69th Street on June 3, removing her wallet. The woman said she didn’t realize that her bag was opened until she returned home at 6 pm.

• A 29-year-old left his wallet on the counter at an 86th Street Duane Reade on June 4, but it was gone when he went to retrieve it at 11:40 am. Only an hour had passed until he returned to the store between Fourth and Fifth avenues, but by then the $200 inside it was gone.

Wheel bad

At least two cars were swiped last week. Here’s the rundown:

• A thief took a 1992 Honda off Narrows Avenue. The owner said that she had parked the car between 76th and 77th streets at about 1:30 am on May 31 and returned to the now-empty spot three days later.

• A 1994 Honda Civic was also swiped from 84th street on May 31. The victim said that he parked the anncient car between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 2 pm, but it was gone two days later.

— Thomas Tracy