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How to save a life: Beep honors bystanders who helped stabbing victim

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Good Samaritans saved the life of a man stabbed on a busy Brooklyn Heights street in September, according to Borough President Adams, who commended the three at a Borough Hall ceremony on Monday.

The attack kicked off during an argument over pay between Hershi Pfieffer, an electrical contractor, and Adriy Komynar, his employee, at 1 pm on Sept. 22 outside of a Montague Street construction site, according to police. Komynar asked Pfeiffer for his pay and, when Pfeiffer said he’d get it Friday, Komynar whipped out a knife, Adams said, and stabbed him three times in the neck, officers stated.

That is when the do-gooders sprang into action, helping to stop the bleeding and chase down the suspect, Adams recounted at the emotional gathering this week.

Marcell Alberti, manager of the construction site, heard the commotion, and upon leaving his office, found Pfeiffer on the ground and tried to staunch the flow of blood cops say was pouring out of his jugular vein. Jenelle Rivera, an emergency medical technician, happened to be in the area and joined in the first aid effort, and surgeon Enrico Ascher finished the job at Lutheran Medical Center, where paramedics transported Pfeiffer, the Beep explained.

The specifics don’t matter so much as the result, Pfeiffer said.

“They saved my life,” he said, speaking softly due to a paralyzed vocal chord. “That’s it.”

The Beep gave the trio his coveted “Heroes of the Month” award, now in its third month, cheering them for keeping Pfieffer’s family from losing a dad and husband.

“It was a combination of good Brooklynites coming together to ensure that we’re standing here today with Mr. Pfieffer, his wife, and children,” Adams said.

Pfeiffer’s oldest daughter Gitty thanked the honorees after the presentation.

“My father would not be here today without you,” she said. “You were all sent by god to save my father.”

Following the stabbing, another bystander detained Komynar until police arrived, cops said. Prosecutors are charging the laborer with attempted murder. Komynar pleaded not guilty at his Oct. 20 arraignment, where a judge set his bail at $250,000.

Komynar’s attorney, Gary Conroy, asked that people not judge the man before his day in court.

“Like anyone else accused of a crime, he’s presumed to be innocent by the law,” Conroy said. “We shouldn’t draw conclusions until all the facts are out.

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