Hucksters promise luck and fortune to victim

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Unlucky break

A trio of tricksters conned an elderly woman out of $48,000 on the corner of Bay Ridge Avenue on Sept. 24.

The hucksters approached the woman near Eighth Avenue at 11 am and told her they could bring her luck and fortune if she put all her valuables in a bag and let them bless it, so the woman handed over her stuff, police said.

They con women returned the bag and told the victim not to open it immediately, officials said. When she did peep inside later, all she found was a bunch of rice powder, police reports state. The thieves made off with $48,000 and an estimated $6,000 in jewelry, police said.


A lout with a lever jimmied open an 82nd Street door on Sept. 24 and stole cash and jewelry from inside.

The guy broke into the home between Fifth and Sixth avenues sometime between 8 am and 7:30 pm, making off with $1,000 and $760 in jewelry, police said.

Fare beaters

Two bruisers beat up and robbed a guy on 79th Street on Sept. 22.

The victim was between Fifth and Sixth avenues in Bay Ridge at 3:55 am when the pair asked him for bus fare, police said. But the plea was a ploy, and one of the goons took a swing at the mark, officials said.

The victim parried the punch, but one of the guys reached into his pocket and took a pair of headphones, police said. The thieves ran, and the victim chased them two blocks before losing them, a police report states.


A fiend filched a jackhammer from a van parked on 73rd Street on Sept. 18.

The driver left the vehicle between Fourth and Fifth avenues in Bay Ridge, police said. The thief pulled up at 2:04 pm, put the $3,000 jackhammer into his own van, and drove off, a police report states.

— Max Jaeger

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