Hungry thieves

Starving cons

Hungry thieves went crazy last week, breaking into — or trying to break into — at least seven restaurants. Here’s how they took a bite out of local eateries:

• Thieves tried to get into Oshima restaurant on Seventh Avenue, but succeeded only in breaking the front locks of the restaurant, which is between Lincoln and St Johns places.

• Thieves were caught on tape trying to break into Yogo Monster on Seventh Avenue overnight on May 17, but were unable to break the locks of the frozen yogurt joint, which is between Union Street and Berkeley Place.

• The same night, a luckier group of thieves successfully broke into the Watana Thai restaurant on Seventh Avenue. The owner of the restaurant, which is between 13th and 14th streets, told the police that the thieves took a cash register, containing $300.

• Anthony’s restaurant, on Seventh Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets, was burgled overnight on May 20 by thieves who stole $750.

• Thieves broke into Cocoa Bar early on May 24, stealing $300, but, oddly, no chocolate from the cocoa-themed hangout, which is on Seventh Avenue between Third and Fourth streets.

• Thieves stole $3,000 out of the cash register at Playa, which is at Fifth Avenue and President Street, overnight on May 28.

• Thieves ripped out the ATM overnight in front of Southpaw on Fifth Avenue on May 31. The burglars made off with $3,600 and damaged the sidewalk in front of the bar, which is near Sterling Place.

Gas crisis

A gunman robbed the Citgo station on Third Avenue early on May 29, and got away with $1,000, cops said.

The victim told police that the thug entered the gas station, which is at Baltic Street, at 2:45 am, pulled a silver handgun, and said, “Give me all the money you have.”

He then handed over a black bag into which the victim quickly placed the cash.

Cops are looking for a 5-foot-9, 220-pound Hispanic man, age 25.

Wedding banned

A workout fiend made it easy for a thief, by leaving his wedding ring and a gold chain unlocked inside the YMCA on Ninth Street on May 12.

The victim told police that he left the jewelry at the gym, which is between Fifth and Sixth avenues, at 6 pm and returned 14 hours later to find them gone.

House burgs

At least five homes and businesses were busted into last week. Here’s a roundup:

• Thugs broke into an apartment on Eighth Street between Prospect Park West and Eighth Avenue, sometime between 9 am and 6 pm on May 18. The 31 year-old resident told police that she lost $3,250 in computer and photographic equipment.

• Hours later, jewel thieves broke into a 10th Street apartment and got away with $8,300 in baubles. The resident of the unit, which is between Sixth and Seventh avenues, told cops that he was not home between 11:15 am and 2:40 pm.

• One thief was a regular cardshark, stealing $4,000 in baseball cards from a President Street apartment on May 19. The resident of the unit, which is between Prospect Park West and Eighth Avenue, said she was not home between 8 am and 5 pm. The thieves also got jewelry and cash.

• Thieves broke into an Eighth Avenue apartment on May 21 and made off with more than $7,000 in jewelry and electronics. The resident of the home, which is at 12th Street, told cops that he wasn’t in the apartment between 9 am and 6:15 pm.

• A thief went to a lot of trouble to break into a Union Street apartment on May 31, but got away with only $6 in spare change from the flat, which is between Prospect Park West and Eighth Avenue.

From above

The honeymoon is certainly over for a Fourth Street couple, whose home was burgled of $34,000 in jewelry — including the wife’s two-carat engagement ring — on May 26.

The quick-thinking thief broke in through the skylight of the building, which is between Seventh and Sixth Avenues, sometimes between 2 and 2:40 pm — long enough to steal 25 items, including the $25,000 diamond ring.

The victims were actually home at the time, but they were in the garden, several floors below the point of entry.

Wheel crime

Local thieves must have been in a hurry to get around last week, since at least eight vehicles were stolen or broken into. Here’s how they made they’re get-a-ways:

• A car was stolen on Eighth Avenue on May 18. The victim said he left his car near St. Johns Place at 8 am, but it was gone two hours later.

• A Cadillac was stolen from St. Johns Place between 8:35 and 11:12 am on May 18. The victim told police that he thinks he lost his keys near the car, which he had parked between Seventh and Eighth avenues.

• Thieves broke into a Mustang on Pacific Street on May 21 by going through the roof, stealing $1,050 in clothing and jewelry. The victim said she had left the car between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 5:45 pm, and returned to it less than four hours later to discover that the top of the convertible had been sliced.

• A Yamaha was stolen on Fourth Street on May 23. The victim said he parked his chopper at 1:30 pm near the corner of Seventh Avenue, and returned at 7 pm to discover it gone.

• Thieves stole a vehicle from Sixth Street overnight on May 23. The victim noticed the theft the next morning when he returned to the block between Third and Fourth avenues.

• A car was stolen in front of its owner’s 12th Street home between noon on May 28 and 4:30 pm the next day. The vehicle was recovered and returned to the victim, who lives between Fifth and Sixth avenues.

• A car that had been parked on Third Avenue near Warren Street was stolen sometime between 3 pm on May 28 and 7 pm the next day.

• And, whew, thieves stole a Range Rover that had been parked on Eighth Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues overnight on May 30.