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Hydrant floods street in Sheepshead Bay

Wet and wild: A firefighter tries shutting a street valve to stop the brown-colored water that was spewing down the street and out of residents’ faucets after a fire hydrant valve leaked in Sheepshead Bay on Feb. 14.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

Some Sheepshead Bay residents had a dirty Valentine’s Day.

A leaky fire hydrant valve transformed a residential road on Avenue Y near E. 23rd Street into a muddy mess on Feb. 14. The valve began leaking at 12 pm and the Fire Department was at the scene for an hour trying to shut down the torrent as the murky water nearly flooded the street.

Employees from the Department of Environmental Conservation were also at the scene assisting the firefighters.

Some nearby residents’ faucets spewed rust-colored water until sometime after the leak was fixed, which can occur when sediment is dislodged by a sudden change in pressure, according to an employee with the Department of Environmental Conservation.

At least one resident, unaware of the scene outside, drank some of the murky water, but a department spokesman said the water, even though discolored, was still safe to drink.

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Swampy street: The water flooded Avenue Y, near E. 23rd Street.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

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