Ida Eisenstein is our pigskin prognosticator!

All hail our pigskin prophet, Ida Eisenstein, who went a stellar 11-5 this week — embarrassing her colleagues and astounding her fans as she bulldozed her way through pick after pick, hitting her Kryptonite lock of the week with the precision of an Azerbaijani marksman.

This week, Ida will face her toughest challenge to date — complacency. But Eisenstein doesn’t live footloose and fancy free — well, excluding her trademark “Footloose” ring tone. She is as committed as ever to the one thing that matters most: being right.

Ida’s picks: Titans (-6.5), Steelers (-1), Browns (+3.5), Panthers (+13.5), 49ers (+7), Seahawks (-1), Colts (-7.5), Raiders (+3.5), Cardinals (+9), Dolphins (pick ’em).

Ida’s breakouts Giants (-3) over Bears: “I think they are mad as hell — and that’s going to translate to a win. I hope.”

Packers (-13.5) over Lions: “I know it’s a lot of points, but I think the Packers are good.”

Eagles (-6.5) over Redskins: It comes down to Michael Vick. “He’s doing great — much as I hate to admit it.”

Ida’s Kryptonite Lock of the Week

Jets (-4.5) over Bills: “They’re on a roll.”