Ida’s hot, and so are her picks

Two roads diverged in a wood and Ida took neither of them. Why stay on the path at all? Our pigskin princess didn’t get where she is today by following other people’s paths, well-trodden or not. Oh no, fair football fan, our Ida cuts through the underbrush of life itself, machete in one hand, torch in the other, snakes, lions, and old lawn mowers be damned.

There is a tale that begins with Ida crisscrossing the Darien Gap – the swampland and forest at the base of the isthmus of Panama that has foiled the dream of traveling the length of the Americas uninterrupted for centuries — with nothing more than a donkey and a native called Adi. Ida and this man — graying, but still bold — have lunch a week, at a small restaurant that serves knishes in the shadow of the El’s overpass.

There is more to this tale; but even the thought makes Ida consider the words of poet Elizabeth Bishop, who so profoundly wrote: “Oh, must we dream our dreams and have them, too?”

Ida’s picks:

Lions (3), Broncos (−10.5), Redskins (3.5), Bears (even), Raiders (8), Steelers (even), Colts (−3), Titans (−3), Buccaneers (even), Rams (2.5), New Orleans (2), Eagles (−2.5)


Seahawks (−3) over Dolphins

“Going with my team.”

Ravens (−2) over Chargers


Jets (6) over Patriots

“What can I say?”

Kryptonite lock of the week:

Giants (−2.5) over Packers

Record: 75–82–3 [7–5–1 last week (before Monday night,) Kryptonite: 4–7]

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