Ida’s losing faith in the Jets

It was during Ida’s 34th trip around the Horn when her resolve was given its first true test. When the first squalls hit the bow, Ida, pigskin practitioner but no Quint, remained perched upon the deck as still as an Easter Island statue, ignoring all warnings she was receiving from her gut and brain. With the winds whipping, a safer path was being consider — a path that would take Ida away from her record-setting trip. But the captain, a shrill man of 46 with a deep pallor, would brook no dissent as he made his order: the ship would adjust its course given the coming storm and forgo the cape for the oft-transported Strait of Magellan.

And for Ida, this small man made plainly clear, it was that or the gangplank.

Let the record show that Ida calmly ignored his threats — of course this was all before she would write her wave-making treatise on the interbreeding of Atlantic and Pacific krill near the bottom of the world — a study biologists continue to site as a potential model for large-scale bio-aquatic diversity.

Ida has at least one compatriot who shares her resoluteness, a great man of letters and a true American, Herman Melville, who writes, “Truth uncompromisingly told will always have its jagged edges.”

Ida’s picks: Steelers (-6.5), Bengals (-3), Colts (3), Buccaneers (-3), Ravens (-4), Detroit (5), Rams (4), Cardinals (-5), Vikings (2), Texans (-4.5), Broncos (3)


Seahawks (4) over Patriots

Colts (3) over Jets

“Don’t tell my son.”

Giants (6) over 49ers

Kryptonite Lock of the Week:

Raiders (8.5) over Falcons.

“Atlanta might win, but not by more than eight points.”

Ida’s record is 33–43–1, 2–3 Kryptonite Lock (8–6 last week)

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