New immersive exhibit at New York Aquarium highlights dangers of ocean plastics

The Washed Ashore exhibit is now at the New York Aquarium!
The Washed Ashore exhibit is now at the New York Aquarium!
Photo by Terria Clay

The New York Aquarium’s latest exhibit showcases the impact of plastic pollution that affects the world’s oceans.

Entitled Washed Ashore, this traveling art exhibition features 35 animal sculptures that are made entirely out of repurposed plastic and debris that have been found in the ocean. The exhibition aims to give aquarium-goers a deeper understanding of how their actions can contribute not only to protecting marine life, but also to preserve the ocean for years to come.

Chompers the Tiger Shark is one of the many sculptures in the Washed Ashore exhibition.Photo by Terria Clay
Jellyfish sculptures in Washed Ashore.Photo by Terria Clay

While exploring the sculptures, which can be found throughout the aquarium, guests will be able to learn about the dangers of ocean plastics and what the New York Aquarium is doing to help around the world and right here in New York City. All of the sculptures depicted in the exhibit are animals that the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is working to protect locally and internationally, as well as some you might see in the aquarium, like sharks, penguins, and jellyfish.

Among the sculptures you can find include Maggie and Charlotte the Adelie Penguins, Chompers the Tiger Shark, Angus the Longhorn Cowfish, and Gertrude the African Penguin, to name a few.

Maggie and Charlotte the Adelie Penguins.Photo by Terria Clay
A closeup of a sculpture, made of repurposed ocean plastics.Photo by Terria Clay

The Washed Ashore exhibit will be on display until Sept. 2 and is included with the price of admission to the aquarium. For more information, visit nyaquarium.com.