Impounded car stolen — from cops!

Impound rebound

A daring thief swiped a 1996 Mazda confiscated by 88th Precinct cops on Feb. 2.

Police said the car was impounded and left at the Classon Avenue stationhouse between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues on Jan. 29 after the owner was arrested on a minor charge.

The owner tried to get his car back on Feb. 2, but the police wouldn’t give it to him because his driver’s license was suspended.

Yet the car disappeared a few hours later — plucked right out from under the NYPD’s proverbial nose.

iPhone pluck

Two knife-wielding punks took an iPhone off a 22-year-old man during a fierce Feb. 3 exchange on Flatbush Avenue.

The victim was between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street at 12:05 am when the crooks approached and ran off with the pricey smart phone and $750.

One down

Four thugs mugged a 27-year-old man at the corner of Fulton Street and Rockwell Place on Feb. 5, but one of them didn’t get away with the crime.

The 22-year-old suspect was arrested shortly after the 5:45 pm robbery. His accomplices ran off with the victim’s cellphone.

Fire and ice

Two goons robbed a 58-year-old man on Feb. 3 after asking for a light at the corner of Prince Street and Myrtle Avenue.

The victim was nearing the corner at 1:05 pm when the suspects approached with their request. But as they drew closer, one of the men accosted their victim, running off with an iPod and $962.

Bag theft

A thief snagged a bag from a 29-year-old during a Feb. 6 visit to the Burlington Coat Factory on Atlantic Avenue.

The victim told cops that she put her bag on the floor before trying on a coat at 3:25 pm inside the department store, which is part of the troubled Atlantic Center.

Seconds later, the thief grabbed the unattended bag and fled.

Smash-filled week

Several car break-ins were reported to the 88th Precinct this week. Here’s the rundown:

• Talk about flipping your lid: A thief broke into a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe parked on Willoughby Avenue on Feb. 4 and made off with seven baseball caps! The owner of the SUV — and the hats — said the vehicle was broken into sometime after 9 am as it sat between Ryerson and Grand avenues.

• A thief smashed the driver’s-side window to a 1990 Toyota parked near the corner of Willoughby and Waverly avenues on Feb. 1, removing some credit cards and a check. The theft wasn’t discovered until 8 am the next morning.

• Someone shattered the passenger-side window to a 2008 Ford E150 parked on Lafayette Avenue on Feb. 3, taking a bag containing a wallet, some credit cards and $350. The car was only sitting between Washington and Waverly avenues for five minutes when the 1 pm theft took place, the owner of the car told police.