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Inside story of Prospect Park rape

New details have emerged about a rape that occurred in the early morning of June 15 in Prospect Park.

A newly available police report indicates that the sex attack took place in the Nethermead area of the park, near the intersection of Wellhouse and Center drives, where the 34-year-old woman and her boyfriend had parked their car at around 1 am.

Suddenly, a man approached, shined a flashlight into the car and said, “I have a gun — don’t move.”

He never showed the gun, but the woman was so frightened that she leapt from the car and ran into the bushes to hide while her boyfriend tried to subdue the man.

But minutes later, the perp found the woman in the bushes.

“I’m gonna shoot you, then stab you,” he told the woman before raping her.

The supposed gunman, who is described as a 5-foot-9, 170-pound black man, then fled. It is the first rape in the park this year, cops said.

Crime is down in the park this year. Through June 10, there have been four robberies, down from 10 last year, police said.

Details of the rape have been sketchy. The three tabloid-sized dailies ran very different accounts of the crime, with the Post adhering to the police report that the couple had parked along one of the Park’s roadways.

The Daily News was the only paper to report that the boyfriend of the raped woman was an off-duty cop who had, moments before the attack, been “locked in a steamy embrace” with the woman.

The News said that the off-duty officer did not identify himself as a cop when his fellow officers arrived.

The police report did not provide any details to confirm the News account.

The New York Times did not cover the crime.

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