Interactive light circles public art exhibit debuts at Domino Park

A new interactive installation dubbed “Reflect” by Brooklyn artist Jen Lewin at Domino Park.
Demian Neufeld, Ryders Alley Media; Matt Emmi; Joshua Pullar

It’s the circles of lights!

A new interactive installation dubbed “Reflect” by Brooklyn artist Jen Lewin opened at Domino Park Friday, offering visitors to the popular Williamsburg waterfront greenspace an immersive outdoor exhibit of circular light panels to walk, dance, and jump around on while keeping a safe social distance amid the pandemic, according to the lawn’s director.

“As the uncertain start of another unprecedented year commences, Jen Lewin’s installation at Domino Park will symbolize new beginnings and togetherness,” said Michael Lampariello in a statement. “We are thrilled to feature such a distinguished, yet accessible, artist for all to enjoy here on Brooklyn’s waterfront.”

The 2,400-square-foot setup lives at the park’s fountain in front of the old Domino Sugar Factory’s landmarked refinery building. The display features three concentric rings made up of interactive platforms which the park’s owners hope will inspire visitors to reflect and connect as the city comes out of the COVID-19 winter.

An aerial view of the new installation at Domino Park in front of the old sugar refinery building.Demian Neufeld, Ryders Alley Media; Matt Emmi; Joshua Pullar

“This installation comes at just the right moment, people are craving safe ways to enjoy the city.” said Kate Gavriel, the cultural affairs director for the park’s owners, developer Two Trees.

During the day, the pads reflect light differently depending on where they’re viewed from due to their so-called dichroic surface, which gives off a psychedelic array of colors reminiscent to either a rainbow and an oil sheen.

At night, the installation glows and responds to steps, which trigger splashes of light in different ways powered by an internal code and custom hardware.

Domino Park staff will check on the exhibit as part of their regular rounds to make sure people stay COVID safe, according to the space’s managers.

The installation at the Kent Avenue park — which is privately-owned by Two Trees but open to the public — is its first in the United States, after debuting in Japan in spring 2020 as part of a larger 15,000-square foot artwork called “Cosmos.”

Lewin, who has a studio in Vinegar Hill, said she was glad to bring her creation to her home turf and give locals young and old a playful piece of art to enjoy.

“I’m thrilled that Reflect will make its American debut in my hometown of Brooklyn at Domino Park, where I hope New Yorkers will find a much-needed escape in the vibrant, playful nature of this work,” the artist said.

“Reflect” at Domino Park [300 Kent Ave., between S. Second and S. Third streets in Williamsburg]. Opening March 5, daily from 8 am-10 pm. Free.