Intruder steals electronics, false teeth from apartment

90th Precinct


Gummy goon

A lout broke into a lady’s Bedford Avenue apartment and ran off with some electronics, a set of false teeth, and her apartment key during the night of Nov. 18.

The woman told cops she locked the door to her abode between S. Fifth and S. Fourth streets and went to sleep around 11:30 pm, then woke up at 9:10 the next morning to find the deadbolt lock was ripped off of her front door frame.

She then discovered that her laptop, tablet, false teeth, and apartment key were missing, authorities said.

Phony punk

A scoundrel snagged a store clerk’s belongings while also stealing a bunch of phones from a Graham Avenue electronics shop on Nov. 18.

The employee of the store near Grand Street told cops the miscreant came in at 3:10 pm and put a gun to his chest, demanding money and phones.

The troublemaker took three phones from the store, then went ahead and grabbed the employee’s personal phone and Superman wallet before hoofing it, cops said.

Hairy situation

A glamorous goon stole a bunch of hair products from a Graham Avenue beauty salon on Nov. 18, then came back and violently swiped a lady’s bag.

The guy came into the salon between Moore and Varet streets at 3:40 pm and grabbed a weave and some hair-care products off the shelf, altogether worth more than $700, authorities said.

But he accidentally left some of his belongings at the shop, and when he came back to retrieve them, he went ahead and grabbed a lady’s bag, then punched and kicked and dragged her across the floor before fleeing the scene, according to a police report.

Bike vs. car

A cycling cretin pedaled alongside a car at the corner of Manhattan Aenue and Boerum Street on Nov. 18 and whacked the side mirror, then beat up the driver when he pulled over for a confrontation.

The driver told cops he was driving at 7:40 am when a guy on a bike pulled up next to his car and hit the driver’s side mirror. When the victim pulled over and got out of his car to confront the punk, the brute hit him across the forehead with his bicycle lock, leaving the victim with a wound requiring seven staples, according to a police report.

— Allegra Hobbs

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