iPhone mania in Fort Greene

Snatched up

Two iPhone thieves jumped a train commuter on Feb. 24 — but one of them didn’t get away with his crime.

The straphanger was sitting on a Manhattan-bound C train entering the Lafayette Avenue station at 8:50 pm when one of the thieves approached, demanding his smartphone.

The thief then punched the victim in the face and pulled a knife, but the iPhone owner managed to disarm the goon as the two struggled.

The victim did drop his pricey phone during the fracas, which the thief’s accomplice quickly scooped up. Cops caught up with the sidekick a short time later, finding the stolen iPhone in the man’s pocket.

iPhone invasion

Four goons stormed into a St. Edwards Street home on Feb. 21 just so they could swipe a man’s iPhone.

The thieves followed their 23-year-old victim to his apartment between Myrtle and Park avenues before pouncing at 6:30 pm.

Senior attacked

A thug jumped a 73-year-old woman during a botched Feb. 25 robbery attempt on St. James Place — a brutal mugging that left his victim hospitalized.

The senior was between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street at 10:48 am when the thief grabbed her purse — dragging the septuagenarian to the ground in his failed bid for the bag.

Bag snatch

A thief ran past a 28-year-old at the corner of Fulton Street and Ashland Place on Feb. 25 — snatching the man’s backpack as he sped by.

The victim was nearing the corner at 2:30 pm when the thief zipped past, taking the man‘s MP3 player, Metrocard and $48.

Cumberland clash

A thug ended up in a tug of war over a 35-year-old woman’s handbag during a Feb. 20 clash on Cumberland Street.

The victim was between Lafayette and Greene avenues at 11:30 pm when the thief ran by, yanking her purse off her shoulder.

The woman briefly held onto the bag, prompting a struggle before the thief finally ran off with it.

Guard dogged

A shoplifter wigged out on an off-duty cop on Feb. 21 after he was caught swiping nine boxes of Claritin allergy medicine from the Target in the troubled Atlantic Terminal Mall at Flatbush and Atlantic avenues.

The thief was heading toward the door with the medication at 4 pm when the cop, who was moonlighting as an Atlantic Terminal security guard, stopped him.

The crook was arrested, but not before sparking a fight that left the officer with bruised and bloody fingers.