iPhone swipe on Union Avenue

94th Precinct


Call failed

A thief stole an iPhone from a woman on Union Avenue on Dec. 23.

The victim was nearing Metropolitan Avenue at 4 pm when the perp grabbed the phone out of her hand and ran away.

Pizza pilfer

A thief stole $4,000 from La Piazzetta restaurant on Graham Avenue on Dec. 18.

The proprietor told police he locked the building up at 11 pm. When he returned his restaurant near Frost Street at 10 am the next day, he saw the front window was open and his safe and ATM were emptied.

Loosey grab

A thief stole several cartons of cigarettes from a Greenpoint Avenue gas station on Dec. 23.

The station manager locked up the storage room near McGuinness Boulevard at 2 pm, but when he checked it again at 6:30 am the next morning, the locks were missing and the tobacco sticks were gone.

Rim job

A pinching pit crew took the rims and tires off an Acura left on Humboldt Street on Dec. 18.

The thieves left the luxury car on blocks sometime after 9 pm, after the victim had parked his vehicle near Norman Avenue.