iPhone swiped on Dobbin Street

94th Precinct



Two thieves grabbed a woman from behind and stole her iPhone on Dobbin Street on May 21.

The victim told police she was near Meserole Avenue at 11 am when the perps approached her. One held her from behind and said, “Don’t struggle and we won’t hurt you.”

So, she gave them her phone and wallet and they ran away.

Huron burglary

A burglar ransacked a Huron Street apartment on May 24 — stealing a television, laptops, and cameras while the tenant was at work.

The tenant left her apartment near McGuinness Boulevard for work at 8:30 am, but when she returned at 6:30 pm, she discovered her apartment had been ransacked and the gadgets were gone, police said.

Robbery punch

Police arrested a teenager who they said tried to rob a 14-year-old boy — and punched him when he wouldn’t give up his cash — on Meserole Avenue on May 25.

The victim told police he was between Lorimer Street and Manhattan Avenue at 7:40 am when the 15-year-old tried to take cash from him. When the younger boy refused, the older boy punched him in the face, cops said.

Police arrested a suspect near Lorimer Street.

Room ransacked

An intruder entered a N. Fifth Street apartment overnight on May 22 — and stole an iPad, computer, and cameras.

The tenant left her building near Havemeyer Street on May 22 at 10:30 am, but when she returned at 9:30 am the next day, her apartment was ransacked and her stuff was gone, police said.


Three teenagers grabbed a L train rider’s iPhone at the Graham Avenue stop on May 24, cops said.

The victim told police she was on the train near Metropolitan Avenue at 9:05 am when one thief stole the phone and fled the station with the woman close behind them.

Cops later arrested suspects and recovered the phone.

Passport protection

Someone broke into a Debevoise Avenue apartment on May 21 and took off with $800 and a passport.

The tenant and her son said they left the apartment near Humboldt Street at 8 am, but when they returned home, their night table drawer was open and its contents were missing.

Laptop taken

A crook took a computer and video game system from a N. Eighth Street apartment on May 23.

The tenant left her apartment between Havemeyer Roebling streets at 10 pm.

When she returned four hours later, her electronics were gone.

Cleaned out

Someone broke into a Berry Street dry cleaner’s store overnight on May 24 and stole $500.

The manager locked up his cleaning store near N. Eighth Street at 10 pm, but when he returned at 7:30 am, the gate was damaged and the cash was gone.

Golf swing

A thief stole a Volkswagon Golf parked on Meeker Avenue sometime between May 17 and 22.

The driver parked his car near Russell Street on May 17 at 2 pm, but when he returned on May 22 at 11 am, it was missing.

— Aaron Short

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