Irate car service passenger threatens driver and steals his vehicle

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Car crook

A disgruntled car service passenger threatened his driver and then drove off with the man’s vehicle after he fled it fearing for his life on Plaza Street East on April 3.

The victim told police his passenger was growing increasingly irate as they neared his destination at 5:35 am, screaming at the driver for failing to heed his directions.

Eventually the passenger shouted “I’m gonna beat your a–,” and the chauffer decided to leap from the car near Flatbush Avenue, telling police he thought it might diffuse the situation.

Instead, his passenger surprised him by hopping into the driver’s seat, pulling a U turn, and peeling off with the victim’s 2015 Toyota Camry, police said.

Cops found the car about a mile away near a Flatbush Avenue bus stop, with no property stolen, according to police.

Crime stinks

Cops arrested two women for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of perfume from a Flatbush Avenue lingerie store on April 5.

The worker told police the suspects nabbed 47 bottles of perfume from the store near Flatbush Avenue at 6:53 pm, before breezing past the registers with their ill-gotten musk.

Off range

A thief stole electronics from a man’s car he parked on Berkeley Street on March 31.

The victim told police he left a pair of binoculars, sunglasses, and two range finders inside his vehicle between Sixth and Seventh avenues at 6:30 pm, and returned the following morning to find his array of surveillance equipment stolen.

Wheel crime

A thief rode off with a man’s bike he left on Third Avenue on April 5.

The victim told police he left his ride unlocked near Third Street at 5:20 pm, and returned about five minutes later to find it gone.

Not too bright

A woman was arrested for allegedly nabbing hundreds of dollars worth of scented candles and body cream from a Flatbush Avenue home-goods store on April 3.

An employee told police the suspect grabbed three scented candles, body cream, and lotions from the store near Atlantic Avenue, before attempting to smuggle them past the register.

She was busted later that day on charges of petit larceny, cops said.

— Colin Mixson