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Irish guys will be smiling at Jalopy

Eyes are smiling: Mike Considine, seen here wailing on a bouzouki, will lead the Irish folk music nights once a month at Jalopy.
Sandra Considine

Put down your guitar and pick up that bouzouki! Irish folk music has joined the monthly lineup at Jalopy.

This is no “Riverdance,” it’s the real thing — actual Irishmen and -women singing in the classic “Sean-Nos”-style and playing the traditional ouilleann pipes and flutes.

Jalopy is usually the place for American folk — bluegrass, jazz, country or blues. But owner Lynette Wiley said that their vision is “world traditional, not just American traditional.”

Wiley has been thinking of featuring more Irish music for a while, so it was felicitous that Irish musician Mike Considine (pictured) moved down the block about a year ago.

Before long, Considine and the Wileys were planning monthly concerts. The first one is this Friday, July 31 — and they’re already as popular as Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day.

“We’re booked into 2010!” said Wiley.

“Irish Night” at Jalopy [315 Columbia St. between Woodhull and Rapeleye streets in the Columbia Street Waterfront District, (718) 395-3214], Friday, July 31, 9 pm. Tickets, $10.

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