Is this the best toilet in America?

Is this the best toilet in America?
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

The best toilet in the country could be right here in Fort Greene!

The commode at Habana Outpost on Fulton Street is one of 10 finalists vying for the honor of “America’s Best Restroom” — an annual competition for the can with panache.

“I don’t know how we got into the contest, but now I so badly want to win,” said Sean Meenan, owner of the Outpost. “I want to bring it back to Brooklyn!”

The Cuba- and green-themed boite at S. Portland Avenue has a water closet with a glass roof and hanging plants in every corner, making diners feel as though they’re flushing directly into the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean.

But most important, the eco-eatery’s two crappers run on recycled rainwater that’s captured and stored in a rooftop holding tank. And this loo has academic credentials, too: Architecture students designed the setup in 2007 through the Outpost’s nonprofit Urban Studio Brooklyn.

“I’m not an architect, I’m just a guy who makes tacos,” Meenan said. “We caught the fever of environmentalism and we’re doing the right thing.”

The Outpost faces some estimable contenders, including a Las Vegas casino with urinals mounted on a chunk of the Berlin Wall and a ritzy restroom trailer in Virginia set up for President Obama’s inauguration.

The rainwater system first collects the water, then naturally filters it.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

The closest adversary is Gaphattan restaurant Ninja New York — which has toilets with seat warmers, water spray and a blow drier for your butt.

But Outpost fans are certain that Brooklyn end up with victorious.

“Habana is a trendsetter — if anyone is going to get the award, it’s them,” said Crown Heights resident Jill Knight.

The Outpost also boasts a solar-powered chandelier, a smoothie blender powered by an exercise bike, and solar panels that provide energy for the entire restaurant.

To vote for Habana Outpost, visit www.bestrestroom.com by Sept. 19.

Habana Outpost [757 Fulton St., at S. Portland Avenue in Fort Greene, (718) 858-9500].

Photo by Stefano Giovannini