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Islamo-fiends have a ferocious foothold in the land of liberty

The Boston Marathon terrorists were Chechen Muslim immigrants who blended seamlessly into American society, and repaid their adopted homeland by spilling the blood of innocent Americans without a second thought — just like the 9-11 hijackers, Times Square wannabe-terrorist Faisal Shahzad of Pakistan, and aspiring jihadist Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the Somali-born, naturalized U.S. citizen who attempted to bomb a Christmas tree lighting in Oregon.

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attacked the nation’s oldest sporting spectacle — killing three people, wounding more than 170 others, and slaying a cop during the harrowing five-day drama that shut down Boston — despite an earlier brush with the FBI, whom the Russians alerted to Tamerlan’s increasing extremism.

Maybe the FBI would have more success in its anti-terrorism efforts, if it wasn’t under assault from mainstream Muslims complaining of bias.

Expect more of the same violence — or worse — in the future from Islamo-fiends expanding their ferocious foothold in our communities and worming their way on the piggyback of a bum-steer national campaign to gratify moderate Muslims, lest they feel marginalized.

Apathetic Americans have given Islamo-nuts a helping hand.

After 9-11, Columbia University Professor Nicholas De Genova informed a campus “teach-in” that he longed for the U.S. to suffer “a million Mogadishus” in Iraq, in reference to the 1993 Somalia ambush that killed 18 Americans.

“The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military,” De Genova ranted like a jihadist.

President Obama one-upped the professor with his own welcome mat for terrorists, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, which spent a year poring over millions of visitor logs at the White House, only to discover that “scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials.”

Militant Islam has flourished, mutated, and near-legitimized itself on its deadly mission to Islamicize the world. Yet so-called moderate Muslims — the only force on earth capable of eradicating the extremists — have turned a blind eye to their evil co-religionists.

By comparison, Judeo-Christian lands — tolerant to a fault — have placated Muslims and their home countries with an endless supply of cash, concessions, and apologies, to no avail.

A free society allows few pro-active measures, but our hands aren’t completely tied.

We can reaffirm our commitment to the war on terror — the Oval Office may have forgotten it, but our sworn enemies haven’t.

We can electronically secure our border with Mexico — a point of almost unchecked entry for terrorists.

We can draft anti-terror laws that criminalise radicalization taking root on social media sites —Tamerlan Tsarnaev posted the ravings of an Aussie imam on his YouTube account as a precursor to the Boston attacks.

We can place an immigration moratorium on Muslims — while not all Muslims are terrorists, most contemporary terrorists are Muslims.

Islamo-terrorism’s assault on western civilization is a deadly virus infecting every denomination, country, and diaspora of the alleged religion of peace. It has claimed our lives and limbs, and exhausted our resources and patience.

It is high time for a global convention on radical Islam. Its deadly intrusion into our lives needs to be stopped before we reach a point of no return.


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