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It’s a grab-bag of musings!

By now, everyone is familiar with Hillary Clinton’s coughing fits.

Have you seen the photos and video clips of her coughing? Those that have are sure to have noticed how she coughed into a closed fist — that is what we were taught when we were in the first grade.

The closed-fist rule is now obsolete. It is not correct to cough into a fist and then shake hands with a fan, coworker, employee, constituent, or anyone. Shaking hands with that closed fist is just another way of spreading a contagious bacterium. The proper way to cough is to cough into the inside of your elbow — then shake hands with a clean palm. Did you hear that Hillary?

• • •

If the Clinton Foundation is so charitable, why did it not send assistance to our people in Louisiana? Hillary was busy with fund-raisers, and our president was busy playing golf. After Trump showed up with an 18-wheeler filled with supplies, the POTUS was embarrassed into cutting his vacation short so that he could visit the flood-ravaged area — a bit late and everybody saw through it.

• • •

“You’re welcome” has become “No problem.” When did that happen? And when did “macaroni” become “pasta”? The dynamic English language is always growing.

When did “coming attractions” become “trailers”?

• • •

I don’t drink, and I admit that I don’t know anything about wine. I recently learned that my friends really don’t either.

Before a recent dinner party, I ran over to Aldi’s and bought nine assorted bottles of wine priced from $3 up to 12 and change. Know that those who drank, which was almost everyone, loved the two-buck Chuck best. The two-buck Chucks (which are now $3) were enjoyed better than the wines that were three and four times as expensive.

At the next dinner party, I intend to stick to the less expensive bottles, and I will save myself a bit more than just a few dollars.

• • •

The FBI director came into the game with a pristine reputation as a stand-up guy. He blew it, and now the world knows that he cannot be trusted. Even my friends on the left — and I do have many friends on the left — say that he should not be trusted.

• • •

Having a gun is like having a parachute. If you need one and don’t have one, there’s very little chance that you will ever need one again.

• • •

How many times does Trump use the word “tremendous” while talking at a rally? I stopped counting at 12, and the rally was still going when I turned it off. How about the word “incredible”?

• • •

Why is it so necessary to feed a guilty murderer who is about to be executed an extravagant last meal of steaks, shrimp, and lobster? He’s going to die soon anyway. Give a hungry murderer a peanut butter sandwich on old white bread. I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net wishing for two things:

1. He gets that peanut butter sandwich while waiting to be hanged, and

2. He’s allergic to peanuts.

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