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It’s curtains for the little show with big secrets

Three of my favorite TV shows are on the Syfy channel, Eureka, Haven, and Warehouse 13, and last Monday night, as a special holiday treat, the network broadcast all three shows back-to-back-to-back.

After enjoying the once-a-year-treat, I checked the internet to find out when each program would air during the coming 2012 season.

I discover — to my utmost horror — that Eureka will not be renewed after it’s fifth season.

No more Sheriff Jack Carter and Allison, no more Fargo and his machinations, no more Smart-house and the budding romance with robot Deputy Andy, and no more of all the crazy upside down adventures with the crew of Global Dynamics. The last of which has the Astraeus astronauts going boldly where they weren’t intended to go at all, with Allison in the jump seat, (the end of season four).

The last season, expected to premier sometime next year, promises to wrap up all the loose ends of season four, and then its curtains for the little show about a small town with big secrets.

Eureka has been such a great place to visit week after week. If the need for me to relocate ever came up, Eureka would be the first destination on my wish list.

What better place than to spend one’s retirement years than in a quirky spot in the Pacific Northwest in Eureka, Oregon. The genius scientists that live there create all manner of weird and scary stuff. Thankfully no one ever really dies, well except in the early episodes there was that murder-suicide of the scientist’s wife, but it’s been one miracle pulled out of the hat after another with peace usually restored at the end of each hour.

Anyway the reason for the cancellation (according to the gossip pages), is that the ratings had plummeted in recent seasons and the cost of each episode — which feature costly special effects — was becoming more and more expensive.

But for all the fans, me included, the only problem with the show is that the planning execs moved it to Monday nights at 8 pm from its prime time location of Friday night.

For me, Monday night at 8 is not an optimum time to watch TV. By the time I get home from my daily trek (two trains and a boat), and at the beginning of the work week no less, finish the dinner dishes and get comfy in sweats on the couch its time for me to nod off, effectively destroying my Jack Carter fix for the week.

Hopefully, the execs at Syfy will put the final season back on Friday nights so I can enjoy those last few quality moments with Jack, Allison, Jo, Zane, and the rest of the Eureka denizens.

Not for Nuthin, but maybe that will cause the ratings to rise and at the last minute, the scheduling gurus at Syfy will pull a Eureka miracle out of the hat and give the show a sixth season. One can only hope.

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