It’s deca-dance!

Game of thrones: The cast of Company XIV’s “La Fete” rehearse for their chandelier and scandal play, an immersive, costumed, dance and music theater.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Rich folk sure know how to throw a party.

Take a dose of opulent costumes, a melange of baroque-style dancing, and live music and mix it with a little scandal a la “Eyes Wide Shut” and “Clue,” and you’ll have an idea of what the new immersive play “La Fete” is all about.

The cast play the bourgeois guests of a dinner party who are invited to help a decadent couple celebrate their anniversary. Over the course of the night, the guests engage in a number of parlor games that lead to love triangles, intrigue, and murder.

“It’s horror and erotic danger, biblical ideas of love. We draw a lot from the baroque and Gothic periods,” said writer Jeff Takacs. “It’s ultimately kind of a comedy. It’s elegantly slapstick and overwhelmingly sensual.”

The Carrol Gardens theater and dance company Company XIV has performed shorter versions of La Fete over the past five years, and this final culmination contains much of the burlesque operatic style found in the its other productions, but don’t expect the stage to look like Downton Abbey.

“We’re treating the space as an abstract mansion and the audience is seated throughout the space,” said choreographer Austin McCormick.

Many of Company XIV’s productions are adaptations of fairy tales and myths, but this is one of the troupe’s first based on an original story, and it takes on subject matter not suitable for children.

“It’s definitely an adult storyline,” said McCormick.

La Fete at the 303 Bond Street Theatre (303 Bond St. between Union and Sackett streets in Carroll Gardens, companyxiv.com). Oct. 31 through Dec. 9, 8 pm. $45.

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