It’s gossip time!

Zito’s Sandwich Shop is an old-school treat
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Williamsburg goes fish, Gowanus gets a rub down, and a Park Slope sub shop hits the streets in this week’s balmy bite of springtime gossip.

Bigger fish to fry

Whatever local restaurateur Joe Carroll touches turns to artery clogging gold — think top Williamsburg spots Fette Sau, Spuyten Duyvil and St. Anselm — and that’s why we’re counting down the days to the eagerly anticipated April opening of his newest Williamsburg venture, Lake Trout. The fried fish shack is inspired by a favorite Baltimore specialty, the lake trout sandwich, which Carroll explained to Grub Street is “not from a lake and it’s not trout, it’s whiting.” No matter the credentials of the fish, we put plenty of blind faith in the man known for his taste in top-notch smoked meats, bone marrow poppers, and obscure cask beer.

Ru times two

Talk about another sure thing: Grub Street reports that the owners of Rucola — the runaway, locally sourced success story in Boerum Hill — have just signed a lease on a new space in Bushwick. No word on a name and concept yet, although we’re sure the spot will be a perfect complement to neighborhood favorites like Roberta’s and Northeast Kingdom.

Luck of the Irish

There’s a new tenant on Montague Street — Brownstoner reports that an Irish pub will move into the space recently vacated by the long-standing Italian takeout spot, La Traviata. “Will it raise the standard of Montague dining – a trend that we’ve seen hints of recently?” mused Jorale-man on the Brooklyn Heights Blog, “or will it continue the tradition of so-so to mediocre restaurants that have long dominated the street?” Discuss.

Just beachy

Can’t decide whether to hit up the revitalized Grimaldi’s (going under the name Juliana’s) in DUMBO, or the transplanted Grimaldi’s (still going under the name Grimaldi’s) right next door? Save yourself the headache and take a trip to Coney, where, as the Bensonhurst Bean reports, the (transplanted) Grimaldi’s will open a second spot near the entrance to Luna Park on Surf Avenue. If you’re still struggling to make up your mind, skip the drama entirely and head to Neptune Avenue, for a superior coal-fired pie at Totonno’s.

Do the ’cue

It’s all about pulled pork in Brooklyn nowadays, with Park Slope laying down the gauntlet with not one — but two — new ‘cue spots. Now F’d in Park Slope reports that Gowanus is getting in on the action with Fletchers, which “will serve traditional counter-service barbecue” as well as grilled fare and chili. Bring on the brisket, ribs and burnt-end beans!

On a roll

Forget dirty water dogs and ice cream — the best thing to come from a cart this summer is bound to be Zito Sandwich Shoppe’s primo hoagies. The guys behind Park Slope’s newest sub suppliers have announced via Twitter that they plan to roll out some big surprises in the next few months — portable sandwich mobiles among them. Panelle, meatball parm, and sausage and pepper heroes on the go? It might not make for the lightest summer fare, but it’s sure to be some of the tastiest.

Bagel boys

Bay Ridge is swapping out a bodega for bagels on 85th

Street near Fifth Avenue, which should make a lot of morning commuters very happy. “There’s really nothing like it along this stretch,” said manager Rajaie

Musallam about the tentatively named Sal’s Bagel’s, which will be a

family-owned, family-run business. “We can imagine franchising and

having four or five of these.” We’re all for long-term planning, but

let’s check out the quality of the bagel and schmear first.

The folks at Rucola in Boerum Hill have just leased a space in Bushwick — great news for hungry North Brooklynites.