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It’s not funny

A man’s sense of humor got him into trouble on Feb. 27, when he laughed at two guys fighting and ended up with a bump on his head.

The 47-year-old was hanging around the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Fort Greene place around 4 pm when he saw two men, one of whom he knew, fighting on the street. He started to chuckle, and his acquaintance noticed and turned to him.

“Stop laughing,” he said.

The bystander and the brawler were soon arguing, and the violent 26-year-old got fed up, went to his car, and pulled out a long metal object. He struck the older man in the head, causing injuries bad enough to send him to Brooklyn Hospital. But the joke was on the perp, as cops happened upon the scene and put him under arrest.

Drills nabbed

An electrician’s van was broken into on Feb. 25, and the crook escaped with supplies for all the drilling he’ll ever need to do.

The employee driving the van parked it on Clinton Avenue near Willoughby Avenue around 7 am and returned about five hours later to discover that the van’s passenger door was open and $3,028 of drilling equipment was missing.

Hard knocks

A 14-year-old walking home from school was brutally beaten on Feb. 26 by a pair of older teens who could not have been happy when all they got was a Metrocard and a rare coin.

The victim was strolling down North Portland Avenue near Park Avenue around 4 pm when two 17-year-olds in black hoodies came up to him and asked him if he had a cellphone. He said he didn’t, which was apparently the wrong answer, as they grabbed him and began going through his pockets.

When they tried to take his wallet, he began to resist, and the larger of the two thugs punched him in the face and began kicking him.

The bullies left without the wallet, however, taking only a student Metrocard and a British coin from 1912 with King George’s face on it.

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