It’s the return of the Windsor Terrace police blotter!

72nd Precinct

Windsor Terrace

Cleaned wrong

A sleazy driver banged up a woman’s car outside a Fourth Avenue laundromat on July 30 and then drove off without a word.

The victim told cops that she had parked her 1995 Nissan sedan outside the Clean Rite center at 18th Street around 1 am. When she returned the next morning, she discovered the damages with no inkling of who wrecked her wheels or how to contact the inconsiderate perp.

Got a light?

A nicotine-huffing bandit broke into a woman’s car on 18th Street on Aug. 1, stealing an electric cigarette lighter.

The 27-year-old victim said she parked her brand-new black Mercedes Benz near Seeley Street at 12:30 am and hit the sack. When she returned the next morning at 6 — for a smoke, perhaps — she found the matchbook, along with an iPod, a batting glove, and a whopping $5, missing.

Scratch and go

A lousy livery driver ripped the paint off of a woman’s car on Eighth Avenue on July 29, leaving behind a dead-end lead in place of genuine contact info.

The victim said she parked her car at Prospect Avenue at 8 am for a few hours. She came back at noon to find that another car had side-swiped her rear driver’s side door.

A note placed on the car read: “Please call [driver’s name] at car service AmeriWorld for damage to car.”

Alas, cops were unable to reach the alleged one-man wrecking-crew, despite repeated calls to the provided number (though the driver might just be too busy picking up street fares).

— Haru Coryne