It’s wall-to-wall balls in Williamsburg!

It’s wall-to-wall balls in Williamsburg!
Photo by Tom Callan

The city’s best ballers have come to Williamsburg — meatballers, that is.

Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, the meatball maestros behind the popular Manhattan spot The Meatball Shop, opened their first Brooklyn branch of the late-night favorite on Bedford Avenue this week.

And Williamsburgers are hungry for their balls — on opening night Monday, Holzman and Chernow served up 789 meatballs.

“Opening night went smoother than I could have imagined,” said Chernow. “The booze was flowing, the balls were rolling and our staff was calm, cool and collected.”

Even Brooklyn’s biggest foodie — Borough President Markowitz —showed up on opening day to get a specially made kosher meatball.

“I always have a batch of Marty’s balls in the fridge,” said Holzman.

The duo brings their same menu across the East River, so foodies won’t be missing out on their famed beef and prosciutto balls in marinara sauce and their deliriously delicious veggie balls with fresh spinach, basil and walnut pesto.

But they do Brooklyn one better — the 68-seat restaurant is twice the size of its cramped Manhattan brother, so it’s easy for parties of 10 or 12 to show up, mix and match their favorite meat and sauce, and chow down until the late — the restaurant’s open until 4 am on the weekends, giving them the leg up over other junk-shaped snack shops on Bedford Avenue such as falafel, hot dogs and tacos.

The two are also making use of a newly awarded liquor license, with a combo menu of alcohols and spices and several refreshing specials such as Mexican watermelon margaritas, grape punch, and a double-take worthy whiskey ice cream float.

Can we make just one suggestion? Giglio balls — with sausage, peppers and onions — and a Manhattan Special to help it down.

The Meatball Shop [170 Bedford Ave. at N. Seventh Street in Williamsburg (718) 551-0520], open Sunday-Wednesday, noon-2 am, and Thursday-Saturday, 6 pm-4 am. For info, visit www.themeatballshop.com.

A classic with a hot twist — spicy pork meatballs with spicy meat sauce.
Photo by Tom Callan