Jennifer Egan wants to tell you about her favorite new book

Jennifer Egan is still talking about her book, ‘A Visit from the Goon Squad’
Photo by Pieter M. Van Hattem

Brooklyn literary phenom Jennifer Egan is using some of her star power to illuminate a lesser-known book world talent.

Word got out quick among local literati that Egan, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was completely enthralled with Angela Davis-Gardner’s new novel “Butterfly’s Child” — which tells the story of a Japanese-American boy harboring a deep secret in 19th century Illinois.

So when the owners of Egan’s neighborhood bookshop, Greenlight, heard about her fandom, they suggested she hype up the rising novelist at an in-store discussion on April 10.

Both writers happen to be published by divisions of Random House, but Jessica Bagnulo, co-owner of the Fort Greene book shop, insists Egan is a true fan.

“This was a book she really believed in,” Bagnulo said. “This is a great way to get more attention for a debut author — to appear with an author who is more well-known. People may come to see Jennifer Egan, but they’ll find out about a wonderful new author.”

The discussion format has countless advantages over the more old-fashioned author reading, according to Emily Russo, who helped coordinate the event at Greenlight.

“I love the discussion format because there are so many different places a discussion can go depending on the author, the subject matter, and the interviewer,” said Russo. “In some ways, you simply don’t know what you’re in for, and that can be really exciting!”

Russo and Bagnulo say fans should stick around after the discussion for a book signing and a wine and cheese reception courtesy of the Greene Grape wine shop around the corner.

And, as a special show of Egan’s passion for Davis-Gardner’s book and the author’s friendship with Greenlight, copies of “Butterfly’s Child” will be on sale for 30 percent off.

Jennifer Egan and Angela Davis-Gardner discussing Davis-Gardner’s “Butterfly’s Child” at Greenlight Bookstore [686 Fulton Street, at South Portland Avenue, Fort Greene. (718) 246-0200.] April 10, 7:30 pm. Free.