Jerks slap woman and steal phone

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown


Two thugs slapped a woman before stealing her iPhone on Columbia Heights on June 5.

The victim told police she was near Middagh Street at 9 pm when the jerks hit her in the face and stole the phone.

Necklace nonsense

A brazen crook took a woman’s necklace inside of a Smith Street doctor’s office on June 7.

The victim said she was seated in the waiting room at the office near Fulton Street at 10:30 am when another patient offered to fix her necklace.

“No, it’s OK,” the victim said, according to a police report.

So the crook then pulled the necklace over the woman’s head and ran out the door.

Where’s wallet?

A thief stole a woman’s wallet at a Fulton Street store on June 7.

The victim said she entered the store between Pearl and Jay streets at 1:55 pm.

When she left at 2:30 pm, she realized that her wallet was missing.

Car break-in

A thief smashed a window of a car parked on Dean Street on June 4 — and took a laptop left inside.

The victim said she parked the car between Bond and Hoyt streets at 10:45 pm. She returned two hours later — only to find a rear window broken and the computer missing.

Subway scam

A stealthy crook robbed a man at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Street station on June 8.

The straphanger said a man bumped into him on a Manhattan-bound A train as it pulled into the station at 11:52 pm.

The victim exited the train, and then realized his wallet was missing.

Laptop swiped

A crook swiped a laptop from a Dean Street home on June 8.

The occupant told police he left the apartment between Smith and Hoyt streets at 9 am and returned at 7:30 pm — only to find his computer was no longer there.


A thief stole a wallet a woman left unattended inside of a Fulton Street store on June 5.

The shopper said she entered the store near Pearl Street at 4 pm and left her purse on a bench. She went to retrieve it 30 minutes later, but it was gone.

Purse grab

A thief stole a woman’s purse at a Fulton Street store on June 7.

The shopper said she entered the store between Bond Street and Hanover Place at 3:30 pm. She told cops she realized her purse was missing 30 minutes later.

Wallet snatched

Someone swiped an unattended wallet from a Henry Street store on June 9.

The victim said he entered the store between Orange and Pineapple streets at 6 pm, and left his wallet on the counter. When he went to retrieve it 10 minutes later, the billfold was no longer there.

— Daniel Bush

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