Jewelry thief rips off diamond-laden victim

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Run the jewels

A gun-toting jewelry thief ripped off a man for tens of thousands of dollars in accessories on Atlantic Avenue on July 9, according to police.

The jewel-laden victim was near Cumberland Street shortly after 9:30 pm when an unknown miscreant crept up from behind, stuck a hard object — which the victim feared was a gun — in his back, and said, “You know what it is, gimme all of that,” cops said.

The victim promptly parted with all of that: a diamond-studded white gold pendant with a diamond-studded white gold cross, a diamond-encrusted white gold Hublot watch, and a square white gold diamond ring, according to police.

Respect your elders

Cops arrested a woman who they say roughed up an elderly woman at a Tillary Street women’s shelter on July 6, according to cops.

The victim, who is 79, was lying in her bed at the shelter between Navy and Prince streets when her attacker, a 50-year-old woman, came along and picked a verbal fight with her, police said. The suspect then lashed out, allegedly punching the victim in the face and causing bruising to her right eye and forehead, according to a report.

Police arrested the alleged aggressor at the scene, and the victim declined medical attention, a report said.

Too cruel for school

A violent teen savagely beat a security guard at a Willoughby Avenue college on July 10 after the guard approached him as part of a routine patrol of the campus, cops said.

The 66-year-old guard approached the teen, who cops described as being about 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds, and asked him his business on the Clinton Hill campus, a report said. Without another word the adolescent clocked the guard in the face, causing him to fall and strike the back of his head on the floor, cops said.

The delinquent then continued the attack, punching his victim repeatedly in the face as the guard struggled to get back on his feet, cops said.

After roughing up the guard the teen fled, but not before being caught on video, according to a report.

Some party

A brawl broke out at a Lefferts Place house party in the wee hours of July 12, leading to gunshots and multiple injuries, cops said.

The mayhem broke out at about 2:30 am at an apartment between Grand and Classon avenues, according to a report. One woman told cops that when hostilities began a group of people jumped her and smashed a glass bottle in her face, police said.

Another partygoer was found lying outside a house on the same block after cops responded to the party because of reports of a gunshot, according to a report. The nature of the man’s injuries were unclear from the police report.

A third victim was struck in the face with a glass bottle, causing lacerations and bruising, cops said. Emergency services transported all three victims to New York Methodist Hospital, according to a report.

— Noah Hurowitz

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