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Jihad! Muslims need to crush terrorists

New year, same old Islamo-problems:

Mayhem in the Muslim world.

• Round-the-clock holy war.

• Passing the buck to the West.

The battle-weary, blood-soaked years since 9-11 have shown that time cannot heal all wounds, that Westerners are trapped in an ideological abyss, and that only Muslims can destroy radical Islam and save the day. Yet many Muslims continue to believe oppressive sharia — the food of terrorism — is the word of God, making them volatile and unassimilating partners of the West and a drain on modern civilization. Their antiquated doctrines and ancestral feuds are antithetical to free-world values and show no sign of reform. The Muslim brand is further tarnished by nervy refugees committing crimes and scandal in Europe. Ballsy asylum seekers are hauling German officials into court for not processing them quickly enough, but the masochistic nation — desperate to discard the shackles of its Nazi past — is downplaying the Islamo-pandemonium and pledging to accept half a million refugees a year for several years to speed-dial its Islamification.

Muslims need to be a lot more angry, distressed, contrite, ashamed, conscience-stricken, and spurred to heavy-duty action over their fellow faithful killing, maiming, and displacing innocent men, women, and children around the globe with impunity. They also need to consolidate their power and mobilize their masses to crush a domestic enemy they insist is perverting Islam. They have the ways and means.

The world’s 1.6 billion Muslims and 50 Muslim-majority nations collectively possess the largest army and land mass on the planet, control of global oil reserves, and sovereignty over important naval straits and airspaces. Yet they lack gumption — posting selfies with signs announcing “not in my name” doesn’t begin to cut the mustard.

Contemporary Christians and Jews would never abide tens of millions of their believers turning violent holy warriors and masterminding vast global terror networks that held the world hostage through a perpetual state of emergency, fear, suffering, death, and destruction. What then gives Muslims the right to ignore Islamo-evil?

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