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Jo is watching the watchers — and she doesn’t like what she sees

Words cannot express how angry I am over this administration’s inability to face up to reality and call these heinous actions perpetrated by terrorists what they really are — radicalized Islamic terrorists.

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is out there spouting about gun violence and intolerance of gays and ignoring what it is. Obama can’t utter the words and refuses to do so. Is it me, or is there a total lack of reality?

The Islamic State is not tolerant. It doesn’t like gay people. It doesn’t like women. It doesn’t like Jews. It doesn’t like Christians. And it certainly doesn’t like us.

So what does the administration say? The White House spouts sanitized condemnation instead of speaking the plain truth — radical Islam.

Wake up, America. It has nothing to do with gay rights, intolerance, rainbows, or the National Rifle Association — it is radical Islam, plain and simple.

And why does the Federal Bureau of Investigation keep dropping the ball? First the Tsarnaev brothers — the Boston Bombers — then Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik — the couple in San Bernadino, California — and now this nut Omar Mateen. Worse yet: Farook, one of the Tsarnaevs, and Mateen all left the U.S. at one point to visit Islamic countries.

The Feds even investigated some of these people before the attacks were committed, yet nothing was done — nothing credible popped up, so life went on as usual. Then, after the fact, investigators announced they questioned some of these creeps. Big deal they were questioned. Put a big, red flag on their names, and make it so that at any and every time this person or persons tries to buy a firearm bells go off, lights flash and loud voices boom, “No, you cannot have a gun.”

When do we wake up and take control of the situation?

Not for Nuthin™, if the administration took its head out of its posterior and had the appropriate protocols in place 49 people would still be alive today enjoying the sun in the happiest place on earth. Instead we fly the flags at half mast and pontificate about guns in America ’til the cows come home.

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