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Jo on America: Love it or don’t come to it

“Why, why, why?” Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, mother of alleged Boston bombers Tamerlan and Dzhkhar Tsarnaev, lamented.

At a press conference held in her native country, the mother ranted and raved that her sons were innocent, it was all a show, and the blood was really paint. It was politics and her sons were framed because they were Muslims.

At the conference she said she regretted coming to the United States, “Why did I even go there?” she asked. “Why?”

That’s what I would like to know.

Had you not chosen to come to the land of the free, one of your sons certainly would still be alive and the other wouldn’t be in jail right now. More importantly an 8 year old might still be playing in his yard, a student continuing her education and enjoying life, one smiling and helping people because that was the person she was, and a college campus cop that your “allegedly framed” son blew away with a gun, still doing a job he loved in a place where he wanted to live.

And scores more people would not be injured and maimed.

You came here because you wanted a better life. “America would keep us safe,” you said. Your sons, who you believe were framed, were very happy to complain about America, one was even happier, it seems, to live on the dole paid for by the same Americans he despised and the other happy to be educated in one of our universities. I guess it was okay for both of them to avail themselves of America, but not to let other Americans live in peace and harmony.

No. I’m afraid the regrets are all ours. I think this whole country regrets that we ever accepted you and your sons with open arms to our shores. We regret that your sons demanded they be accepted for who they were while not accepting us for who we are. And most of all we regret that our freedoms have been wasted in giving your sons a safe place to live, a college to be educated, and welfare to pick up the tab.

I’m at my wits end. I really think it is time for America to shut down the door to immigration. Our shores are teeming enough with people that want to live here, assimilate here as Americans and be American. This country is more than the land of opportunity it is the land of unparalleled freedoms and one great place to live. So, I suggest to Zubeidat Tsarnaeva — and all those that have complaints about this country but don’t live here — stay where you are. We have had enough of your regrets.

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