Jo separates Grammys’ winners from gramma-phonies

Thank you Taylor Swift! Finally, someone told that bloated, braggadocios, arrogant Kanye West off. It’s about time. Taylor Swift showed more class in her one speech than Yeezus has shown in his entire career.

From jumping on stage and acting like a fool at past Grammy events to his constant carping, this has-been needs to go back to school and learn the fine art of good sportsmanship, respect for fellow artists, and keeping his big mouth shut. It’s not to say he is not talented, but he ruins whatever talent he has as soon as he opens the large gaping wound under his nose. Close it, Kanye, and let it heal.

Still, slogging through the Grammys had its moments, but I’ll make it quick.

What the heck was that on top of The Weekend’s head? I’m not one to criticize any hairstyle — I’ve made a few coif-related missteps myself — but I draw the line at teased and poofed road kill on the head. Sorry not a look I aspire too.

Did I mention how great Lady Gaga is? If not, here it is — She’s Greaaattt! I have never been a very big fan of the Gaga, but of late, she is allowing her true talents to shine through all the nonsense. And let me tell you, she is one talented and gifted performer. Can I say “I’m gaga over Gaga”?

No longer in need of a meat dress to get attention, this talented songbird nailed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, and she nailed the tribute to David Bowie at this award show. I am sure that if Ziggy Stardust could have opened up the heavens and given her a big Standing O, he would have. She was that good.

Many have complained (we all know who) that the Grammys lack diversity. Who is kidding who here? Out of all the award shows, the Grammys — and the music business in particular — is the most diverse. The academy of recording arts honors new talent and new genres year after year.
Every legend who bit the dust in the past year — and there were many — was honored, mentioned, and had the spotlight shine. There was not one instance that I could honestly say was disrespectful to anyone in particular.

And the live tributes were even more grand. Pop icon Lionel Richie was honored for his decades-long contribution to the industry as a songwriter, singer, producer, and musician — spanning more than 30 years of creating beautiful melodies from his early days with the Commodores to his solo career.

Not for Nuthin™ for all those out there complaining, please stop. You are all big, fat, whinny, crybabies in need of a nap.

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