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Joanna has all the answers

“Children lost — they’re going to die. And the criminals won,” Mayor Bloomberg raged in the newspapers, the morning after the U.S. Senate scuttled a proposal to expand background checks on gun buyers. “This is a disgrace.”

Is he kidding? Does Mayor Mike really think that stronger gun control is going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals? Does he, or any other elected official on the “ban-the-gun” band wagon, really believe that stiffer gun laws will prevent criminals from getting their hands on a weapon?

Just look at the Boston Marathon massacre, where three innocent people died dozens were maimed with nary a gun in sight. Does this mean we have to ban pressure cookers?

Criminals are criminals, and they will get their hands on guns without giving a thought to the fact that what they are doing is illegal.

In the same piece, our crusading mayor reportedly said “A year from now when people who run against them will say, ‘Look at how many more people died since they voted to stop sensible rules that would simply keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.’”

Again, huh?

Now the mayor is adding prognostication to his long resume.

Listen up folks, I’m going to add a little prognostication myself — you can bet the farm on this one. In a year from now, the politicians who are running on the ban-the-gun platform — or against it — will only be concerned about how to keep their seat, how to keep flim-flaming constituents, what new crusade can be jumped on to keep them in print, and how to keep the dollars rolling into those deep, silk-lined pockets.

Stiffer controls will be just yesterday’s news. Same-old, same-old.

The ban-the-gun platform is a nifty slogan for all those pols to hide behind. They don’t want to face the real challenges this country faces. The government has become too bloated, too full of too many politicians that are more concerned with their personal gain then our well being.

Not for Nuthin, but here’s a little advice for our mayor and his friends. Enact sensible gun laws, if it makes you happy, but also spend the money to help the mentally ill, get rid of the greedy, self-serving criminal politicians, put a stronger police presence on the streets (you know, neighborhood beat cops), keep track of undocumented immigrants, and keep even better track of all those undocumented guns the government provided and lost in Mexico, and then, trim the fat off of Uncle Sam’s back pocket.

Then we can really save the children and the criminals will have lost.

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