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Joanna knows exactly what Obama is up to

How many times can President Obama use the “I didn’t know anything about it” excuse? During his first run for the presidency, he employed the tactic and distanced himself from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his inflammatory sermons, claiming he didn’t know that his good reverend was so militant. Where was Barack Obama sitting when Wright was spouting his hatred? In another church?

He again used the ignorant card when he denied his involvement with Acorn and the subsequent scandal that ensued. Again who was involved? Barack’s alter ego?

After Barack Obama was elected and took office, he again played dumb during the whole Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Fast and Furious operation, where agents lost track of the guns in Mexico, which resulted in the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry. He blamed not knowing about it because the program was created in the prior administration.

Next on the list of “I didn’t know anything about it” was his ignorance of the situation in Benghazi as our embassy was attacked and resulted in the deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others. The president maintained that he was not informed and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the fall. So who exactly was sitting in the Oval Office when it happened and the flames were licking the sides of the building?

His most recent claim was regarding the computer snafu created with his Affordable Health Care reform act. Who exactly hired the firm that created the system and why wasn’t the president made aware of the inherent problems? The most troubling aspect of this whole computer debacle is that, according to some reports, the information submitted to obtain the health insurance (which is really not that affordable anyway) is really not safe from hackers. Makes you feel real safe, don’t it?

And now last, but certainly not least, his ignorance of our government’s spying practices when it comes to heads of foreign governments, especially our allies.

Enough is enough. He is the head of this government. In no way shape or form is ignorance any excuse.

If he, the head of this government, sworn to uphold our constitution and protect our citizens, is so ignorant of the inner mechanizations of our policies, how worthy is he to hold the position of president?

No matter what anyone wants to complain about President Bush, at least he had the guts to take responsibility for his actions.

In the whole of Bush’s administration, I don’t remember him ever using the lame “I didn’t know anything about it,” excuse.

This administration has used this tactic so many times that in the history books, when future generations look back on Obama, the phrase “I didn’t know anything about it,” will be listed first on Google.

His lack of knowledge of intelligence operations boggles the imagination and begs the question “Who exactly is running the country?” Are there a bunch of elves sitting in the Oval Office rubber stamping these programs?

Not for Nuthin™, but I’m really glad this is Barack Obama’s last term because I don’t think this country can survive another “I didn’t know anything about it,” excuse.

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