Join us for one wild ride

So, you heard that the bike-in-building law isn’t as easy as it originally sounded, huh? Well, don’t worry, because your bike-riding friends at The Brooklyn Paper are going to take you through the process, pothole by pothole!

For us, that ride started yesterday when we reached out to the friendly building manager at our office at 1 Metrotech in Downtown Brooklyn.

“Geez, it’s that time already, huh?” he said, sounding about as pleased as if we asked for free coffee and donuts in the corridors.

Yes, it’s that time, we said. And on Friday, we’ll be filing the first paperwork.

To which he replied, “You know we have bike parking outside, right?”

That’s the rack where one of our bikes got gershed earlier this year, so you can understand while we started our morning today by downloading the necessary paperwork and and commencing the long, arduous process.

It’s sure to be a fun ride, so put on your helmet and your reflectors and follow us as we observe the letter of the law!

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