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Jo’s mad about evil losers and loose lips!

My anger level has reached critical mass.

In a world that is full of tragedy, little girls being shredded and maimed by a homemade shrapnel bomb, in a loser’s feeble attempt to gain admittance to 72 virgins and paradise, the only thing the media morons have to complain about is that our president Donald Trump called them “Evil Losers.”

Damn, he is absolutely, 100-percent correct. What type of winner blows up children at a peaceful concert? At least President Trump called them something. The past administration would not deign to call them anything but “violent extremists.” If even the word “Islamo” was attached to anything, former President Obama jumped away faster than a moth too close to the flame.

The other viral sensation eating up 140 characters or less is the photo of Melania pushing The Donald’s hand away.

Who cares? It ain’t none of our damn business. Not our monkey, not our circus. Besides, if I wanted to gossip I’d buy a copy of the National Enquirer.

Here’s my message loud and clear: take your heads out of your posterior and get with the program.

Trump’s new budget is increasing military funding. This is not bad. Considering we have to deal with the nut in Asia, and the other nuts in the Middle East, our military needs to be up and running in tip-top shape.

The new budget decreases government waste. Which is a very good thing. Just look at the amount of pork contained in all those government projects.

His budget also calls for cuts in a few federally funded programs. Not a bad thing at all, since most of those programs initiated long ago probably don’t need the funding any longer.

Let’s consider the mega-buck salaries of the CEOs of the contractors carrying out those programs. Possibly the cash to continue those programs should be taken from the exorbitant salaries the CEO’s are paid for running non-profits that seem to be very profitable indeed.

Next on my list is the media’s obsessive need to not only know but to tell. I was listening to a broadcaster on CNN who reported that the U.S. media released the name of the alleged suicide bomber even before the citizens of Manchester were notified. What nerve! Give the Brits the right to release the information on their own terms. It’s their news and they have their reasons for keeping the info on the down low.

Zip those lips — Loose Lips Sink Ships!

Sometimes you need to keep your hand a secret, and play it close to the vest. “Playing Poker for Dummies,” should be required reading for all members of the media.

Lastly all you Hollywood Limousine Liberals — you know who you are — who keep complaining that Trump is all things evil, please note that the Islamo-losers he wants to keep out of our country do not like women, transgenders, gays, lesbians, and certainly not apostates.

So pray hard and long that President Trump can effectively rally the world’s leaders together to defeat this bunch of evil losers, because if ISIS has its way, you all will be the first to go.

Not for Nuthin,™ I’m taking the space to crow like a proud mama peacock: this past Tuesday my very smart and accomplished daughter Bri walked with her fellow graduates and moved over her tassel to receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications!

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