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Jo’s miffed at the grinch who stole ‘merry Christmas’

Here’s a flash — I am offended. Yes offended, tired, and disgusted. What is the fear of wishing someone a merry Christmas? Will the sky tumble down on all those that believe differently? No it won’t. But the political correctness police out there are just hell-bent on not offending anyone with merry Christmas — unless we’re talking about people that do celebrate a merry Christmas.

I don’t have a “holiday tree” or “a holiday party.” Nor do I send out “holiday cards.” I have a Christmas tree, I put up Christmas decorations, and I enjoy a Christmas party. I even send out Christmas cards. For those people in my life that don’t celebrate, I send an appropriate card that conveys my sentiments wishing them a warm and fuzzy season of joy.

The way things are today, we can’t publicly display the Nativity, because it might offend certain members of the population that don’t believe in it. And we are no longer allowed Christmas trees — public places now set up non-specific holiday trees. What the heck is that anyway?

Starbucks — the little company with big prices — wants to change its paper cup design because the current one might offend someone. Several months ago Starbucks wanted to have open dialogue between its baristas and patrons to discuss race and ease racial tensions that exist in today’s climate. However dissing us Christmas people by changing the paper cups so as not to offend those that don’t “ho, ho, ho” is somehow okay.

Alright Starbucks, you can have all the non-offensive empty cups you want. We won’t buy any of those expensive coffee gift sets, mugs, or other over-priced items you carry to put under our Christmas trees.

Another insult is the mall that changed its Santa decor to look like something out of the Jetsons — all modern lines and curves without any of the red, green, and festive ornaments, because those might offend someone.

It’s funny, but taking pictures with Santa is still okay. Why? I guess taking money in the name of Santa is not offensive — just greedy.

It really amazes me how much effort this country makes to not offend non-Christians, even though it undertakes no similar effort to not offend Christians.

For those of us who celebrate Christmas we like to share our love of the season with everyone around us. So if wishing you a merry Christmas instead of a happy holiday offends you, sorry, but wishing me a happy holiday and not recognizing my beliefs is really offensive to me.

Not for Nuthin™, I’m sticking with merry Christmas — happy holidays just doesn’t cut it.

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