Junk bandits battle filthy Prospect Park Lake

They were more than happy to take the crap.

Park Slope grimebusters Eman Rashid and her 8-year-old daughter, Lara Saddique, donned life-jackets, armed themselves with giant tongs and swooped in for the kill in a whirring pedal boat. The pair was among an 18-strong crew of junk bandits at Prospect Park Lake who helped turn its eyesore trash islands into sights for sore eyes in honor of last month’s International Costal Cleanup Day, hauling in close to 30 bags of plastic containers, glass bottles, aluminum cans and other household litter left by visiting dirt bags.

The second annual spiff job was the bright idea of park-lover Tami Johnson, who was shocked by the ugly sight of trash floating near duck nests when she took an electric boat ride on the Lullwater. Johnson took on the sullied waterfront by mobilizing a group of eco-minded park-goers, raising more than $600 to rent the spruce sloops and enlisting help from the Prospect Park Alliance and the Prospect Park Volunteer Corps.

This year’s fascinating flotable finds included a metal office chair, she said.

“My boat found a huge orange highway construction cone,” bragged Johnson.

For toiler Edward Casabian, it was simply a matter of polishing up on the elbow grease and doing the right thing.

“I get satisfaction from cleaning up beautiful places that are neglected,” he stated.

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